2013 – The Dali~rama

mikes maze 2013 e1502744480813

Illusion was the theme of the 2013 Maze, which displayed an image of Spanish surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, famous for creating unique artwork featuring distorted images that perplex the mind. The maze featured disorienting areas of open space amongst the corn stalks, where maze-goers could easily get lost during their exploration. Game stations were hidden … Read more

2012 – The Sower’s Banquet

mikes maze 2012

In 2012, our 8-acre rendering in corn and dirt was of Jean François Millet’s ‘The Sower‘ besieged by, counterclockwise from top right, a murder of crows, the winds of Aeolius, a giant locust, a brazen woodchuck, and a thieving raccoon. Hence we titled the maze The Sower’s Banquet. Ah, the joys of agriculture! Not familiar … Read more

2011 – Noah Webster

mikes maze 2011

In past mazes the trails would outline the subject’s features, but in 2010 the bust of Noah Webster, our subject, is rendered in corn as a stupendous halftone image using the corn stalks like 10-foot tall dots of green ink on a sepia toned field of Hadley loam. Noah Webster authored the first dictionary of … Read more

2010 – Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can

mikes maze 2010 (1)

For our 10th anniversary, the cornfield became a canvas and the farm became a gallery where we celebrated infamous Pop Art hero Andy Warhol with a corny rendition of his Campbell’s Soup Can. Maze-goers became artists and critics as they sought out printing presses hidden throughout the maze and created full color masterpieces of famous … Read more

2009 – Charles Darwin

mikes maze 2009

The brilliant bearded British biologist who boarded the brig named the Beagle was a natural selection for a corn maze. We celebrated his 200th birthday, his astounding whiskers and our shared Darwinian characteristic of carrying our brains around in cases called skulls. Our maze-goers never faced a more challenging game, yet Mike barely grew enough … Read more

2008 – The Odyssey

mikes maze 2008

The Homeric epic poem The Odyssey is the foundation for “space operas,” “road movies,” and a ubiquitous touchstone for the west’s greatest literature, rock music and comic books. Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey are the oldest works in western literature and 29 centuries later, they are still two of the best. Our maze illustrated the Cyclops, Polyphemus and … Read more

2007 – Satchmo! Louis Armstrong

mikes maze 2007 e1435693386372

“Louis Armstrong’s station in the history of jazz is unimpeachable. If it weren’t for him, there wouldn’t be any of us.”- Dizzy Gillespie Maze-goers were Maestros as they played jazz standards and more on our musical fences. Music, from our ears to yours!

2006 – Julia! The French Chef

mikes maze 2006

Julia was, hands down, our most popular guest star. She was featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition, American Public Media’s Splendid Table, Vanidades magazine, and in the August/Sept. 2007 edition of Saveur magazine as well in the Boston Globe and a mention in the New York Times. Ristorante DiPaolo, The Blue Heron, and Bub’s Barbecue featured some of their gustatory treats at the Corn Cafe … Read more

2005 – Bert Einstein and the Spiral Galaxy

mikes maze 2005

Bert Einstein took maze-goers on a journey around the galaxy and beyond in 2005 when the maze took the shape of Bert and The Spiral Galaxy. Potato accelerators, Galileo’s Laboratory, Wavesticks, and the Great Potato Battery were among the many attractions to be found in the maze as well as a scale replica of the … Read more

2004 – The Candidates in Corn

mikes maze 2004

The candidates were all ears. Maze-goers hit the campaign trail to hustle votes in the corny states (Upchucky, Massiveshoefits, etc.). Mudslinging (courtesy of Hurricane Ivan) and the giant butterfly ballot with the spudzooka voting stylus rounded out our comprehensive electoral college experience.

New for 2024!

Head on over to the Corn Cafe in Sunderland on Saturdays and Sundays, where will be offering delicious strawberry treats: shortcake, slushies, donuts, and soft serve ice cream with strawberry topping! Other snacks like cookies, chips and bottled beverages also available.