2023 – Thinking

In the age of artificial intelligence, what makes us human?

At a farm along the banks of the Connecticut River in Western Massachusetts, a labyrinth of type encoded in a corn field poses a question: “In the age of artificial intelligence, what makes us human?” Humanity’s existential crisis becomes fodder for fall fun at Mike’s Maze as visitors explore 8 acres of corn, encountering tech trivia and decoding challenges along the way. Come experience what Wired Magazine called “the most elaborate corn maze in America!”— a unique fall attraction that manages to manifest family fun from the technological trials and tribulations of our time. 

Activities for Humans:

  • Navigate the circuits of the maze motherboard in 8 acres of corn.
  • Play Mike’s trivia game to see if you can pass the Turing Test and certifiy having human intelligence!
  • Run on the Robo-Rollers, upload yourself onto the giant slides for a fast download, experience an epic “Airdrop” on the Jump (i)Pad!
  • Experience the World Wide Web from the top of our 25 foot-tall rope climber
  • Save humanity from the robot uprising at the potato cannon range
  • Race around the track in non-self driving pedal carts!
  • Enjoy food for thought at the Corn Cafe with everything from kettle corn and cider donuts to burgers and farm-fresh fries!

Ditch screen time and download fun this fall at Mike’s Maze!


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