2022 – Action!

Here’s lookin’ at you, kids – Mike’s Maze is going to make you an offer you can’t refuse: 8-acres of motion picture magic, movie trivia, and a playground so epic you’ll think you’re a Hollywood stunt double!

  • Explore Mike’s 8-acre “studio lot” to find cinematic sets, playful props, and movie memorabilia. 
  • Play Mike’s trivia game to see if your mind is certified fresh or just rotten tomatoes!
  • Enjoy nonstop action “rolling on set” on the Rolling Tubes, “shooting” down the Giant Slides, and getting some “air time” on the Jump Pad!
  • Scan the horizon for the Hollywood Hills on our new 25 foot-tall rope climber
  • Aim for the stars at the Paparazzi Potato Shooter 
  • Fast forward on the pedal cart racetrack
  • Visit the concession stand for everything from popcorn and candy to burgers and farm-fresh fries!

We’re on a farm but we’re not in Kansas, Toto! Click your heels: there’s no place like Mike’s Maze.

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